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AltSketch is a pure C# CLS compliant 100% managed, without unsafe blocks Software Vector Graphics Library for Games, Scientific Applications & other uses of Computer Graphics. All core functionality collected in one small library AltSketch.dll for Microsoft .NET Framework or Mono (including Silverlight / Moonlight). It depends only on System, System.Data & System.Xml assemblies (.NET Framework 2.0).

AltSketch SDK includes many Integration Demos with the wide variety GUI-s & frameworks:

  • Silverlight
  • Windows Forms (throw System.Drawing, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectDraw​)
  • WPF (throw System.Windows.Media, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectDraw)
  • GTK (throw Gtk.Image, OpenGL)
  • QT: Qyoto &  Qt4Dotnet​ (throw Qt.Image, OpenGL)
  • wxWidgets (throw wxWidgets.Image)
  • OpenTK / AltOpenTK
  • Tao.OpenGl (with Tao.FreeGlut)
  • SdlDotNet / AltSdlDotNet
  • ​Tao.Sdl
  • SlimDX

Please look Blogs for more information.

AltSketch Vector Text Double Path Transformer