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AltSketch is a pure C# CLS compliant 100% managed, without unsafe blocks Software Vector Graphics Library for Games, Scientific Applications & other uses of Computer Graphics. All core functionality collected in one small library AltSketch.dll for Microsoft .NET Framework or Mono (including Silverlight / Moonlight). It depends only on System, System.Data & System.Xml assemblies (.NET Framework 2.0).

AltSketch SDK includes many Integration Demos with the wide variety GUI-s & frameworks:

  • Silverlight
  • Windows Forms (throw System.Drawing, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectDraw​)
  • WPF (throw System.Windows.Media, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectDraw)
  • GTK (throw Gtk.Image, OpenGL)
  • QT: Qyoto &  Qt4Dotnet​ (throw Qt.Image, OpenGL)
  • wxWidgets (throw wxWidgets.Image)
  • OpenTK / AltOpenTK
  • Tao.OpenGl (with Tao.FreeGlut)
  • SdlDotNet / AltSdlDotNet
  • ​Tao.Sdl
  • SlimDX

Please look Blogs for more information.

AltSketch Vector Text Double Path Transformer

​​AltNETType is a pure C# CLS compliant 100% managed, without unsafe blocks port of wonderful font rendering library Freetype for MS .NET / Mono (including Silverlight / Moonlight). It is presented as a subsystem of AltSketch in Alt.NETType namespace.

AltNETType based on FreeType version 2.4.8. We have plans to update AltNETType to the latest FreeType version.

At this moment not all FreeType like interfaces are available, because for further support we need to know which AltNETType’s functions are used directly. But we are ready to give you all necessary program interfaces. You just need to apply for it in the “Feature Requests” section of the forum

AltNETType uses "ANT_" prefixes at code elements instead of native FreeType "FT_" prefixes; the core class named "ANT". Instead of FT_Init_FreeType & FT_Done_FreeType need to use ANT_Init_AltNETType & ANT_Done_AltNETType.

As we can't provide compilation time configuration of FreeType like parameters, so we decided to realize real time configuration parameters. These parameters placed in Alt.NETType.ANTConfig configuration class. AltNETType changes the behavior depending on ANTConfig settings.

AltNETType native (FreeType.NET)

AltNETType (Outline Transformations - Fill and Contour)

AltNETType supports the following font formats:

  • TrueType fonts (TTF) and TrueType collections (TTC)
  • Type 1 fonts (PFA and PFB)
  • CID-keyed Type 1 fonts
  • CFF fonts
  • OpenType fonts (OTF, both TrueType and CFF variants) and OpenType collections (OTC)
  • SFNT-based bitmap fonts
  • X11 PCF fonts
  • Windows FNT fonts
  • BDF fonts (including anti-aliased ones)
  • PFR fonts
  • Type 42 fonts (limited support)

AltNETImage is a subsystem of AltSketch & was designed to be a simple way to load / save a several image format file streams into a Alt.Sketch.Bitmap object. AltNETImage is written entirely in .NET C# code. It does not use any OS-depended or other interoperability code, and it does not use any unsafe code blocks.

Next graphics image file formats supported:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TGA
  • TIFF
  • More image file formats support is coming soon...

AltSketch Gwen PictureBox Control with Animated Gif

We are aiming at the creation of a multi-platform, lightweight and at the same time multifunctional product with a lot of ready solutions based on it. On the one hand, it is a demonstration of AltSketch’s functionality and ways of its use, on the other hand it gives you the possibility of accomplishing your tasks easier and more quickly.


GMap.NET is great and Powerful, Free, cross platform, open source .NET control. Enable use routing, geocoding, directions and maps from Coogle, Yahoo!, Bing, OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS, Pergo, SigPac, Yandex,,,, NearMap, OviMap, CloudMade, WikiMapia, MapQuest in Windows Forms & Presentation, supports caching and runs on windows mobile!

AltSketch GMap.NET Demo - YahooMap

AltSketch GMap.NET Big Map Maker Demo

HTML Renderer

HTML Renderer - the rich formatting power of HTML in your .NET applications using simple controls or static rendering code.
The library is 100% managed C# code without any external dependencies (no WebBrowser control, ActiveX / COM or MSHTML dll), the only requirement is .NET 2.0 or higher.

AltSketch HTML Renderer


AForge.NET is an open source C# framework designed for developers and researchers in the fields of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence - image processing, neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, machine learning, robotics, etc.

AltSketch AForge.NET Fuzzy AGV Demo

AltSketch AForge.NET Filters Demo


Accord.NET is a framework for scientific computing in .NET. The framework builds upon AForge.NET, an also popular framework for image processing, supplying new tools and libraries. Those libraries encompass a wide range of scientific computing applications, such as statistical data processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, including but not limited to, computer vision and computer audition. The framework offers a large number of probability distributions, hypothesis tests, kernel functions and support for most popular performance measurements techniques.

AltSketch Accord.NET Face Detection Demo


QuickFont is a text printing library.

AltSketch QuickFont Introduction


3D Pie Chart

AltSketch Pie Chart 3D


OxyPlot is a cross-platform plotting library for .NET.

AltSketch OxyPlot - Mandelbrot


PDFsharp is a .NET library for processing PDF file. You create PDF pages using drawing routines known from GDI+. Almost anything that can be done with GDI+ will also work with PDFsharp. Only basic text layout is supported by PDFsharp, and page breaks are not created automatically. The same drawing routines can be used for screen, PDF, or meta files.

AltSketch PDFsharp


MigraDoc is a document generator. It supports almost anything you find in any good word processor. You just add paragraphs, tables, charts, arrange all this in sections, use bookmarks to create links, tables of contents, indexes, etc. MigraDoc will do the layout creating page breaks as needed. MigraDoc will create PDF, XPS, or RTF documents.

AltSketch MigraDoc


NPlot (formerly known as scpl) is a free charting library for .NET. It boasts an elegant and flexible API.

AltSketch NPlot Multi Plot


The Clipper library performs polygon clipping - intersection, union, difference & exclusive-or, and also polygon and polyline offsetting. The library is based on Vatti's clipping algorithm.

AltSketch Clipper Geo - Circles


ZedGraph is a class library, user control, and web control for .net, written in C#, for drawing 2D Line, Bar, and Pie Charts. It features full, detailed customization capabilities, but most options have defaults for ease of use.

AltSketch ZedGraph - Dual Y Demo


GWEN.Net is a .Net port of GWEN. GWEN is a lightweight GUI library aimed at games. It contains rich widget collection and most functionality you'd expect from a GUI framework.

AltSketch Gwen Skinned TextBox


CEGUI is a free rendered GUI library providing windowing and widgets for the easy creation of HUDs for games. It supports themes/skinning, XML-based configuration, and works with any graphics API or rendering engine including Axiom, Irrlicht, and SDL.NET.

AltSketch CeGui - Taharez Look


Miyagi is a .NET library for creating GUIs in Mogre and Axiom.

AltSketch Miyagi - GUI Demo


The Open Toolkit is an advanced, low-level C# library that wraps OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL. It is suitable for games, scientific applications and any other project that requires 3d graphics, audio or compute functionality.

AltOpenTK - Description Panel


The C# SDL-project is built in two parts: SDL.NET and C#-wrappers for SDL.

SDL.NET is a set of object-oriented CLS-compliant .NET bindings for the SDL gaming library and provides high-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, TrueType fonts, various image formats, sound mixing, MPEG-1 movies, and 2D video framebuffer.

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